Kasper Andreasen

Kasper Andreasen & Tine Melzer
Thing Chose Ding Cosa

Thing Chose Ding Cosa deals with the shape of the Things in their collection. Each object has been traced on a page and their outlines are thus registered: a hammer, a tissue, a cup, a pencil, a paper clip, a cable, a drinking glass, etc. These outlines evoke the tension between drawing and language, between abstract line and recognisable form. The act of tracing also implies mapping; the inventory of 300 outlines in Thing Chose Ding Cosa chart a non-verbal vocabulary of signs. These are signs that induce the viewer to recall the form, function, or personal significance of the original object.

Adoptive, double edition in a slipcase, black marker on paper, edition: 2 + 2 AP, self-published, Amsterdam, 2007
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Kasper Andreasen & Tine Melzer

The bookwork Thing Chose Ding Cosa is the central work of the publication Inventory that aims to address the relation between literal and metaphorical interpretations of objects by investigating the tactile essence of Things.

Adoptive, 20 × 27.5 cm, 44 pp, edition: 500, publisher: Johan Deumens Gallery, not distributed due to the bankruptcy of the distributor, Amsterdam, 2008

€ 20 

Kasper Andreasen
Every Item on the List

Every item on the List is a transcript of a part of Kasper Andreasen‘s ongoing work Proofs. Since 2004, he collects sheets of paper: receipts, newspaper articles, packaging, tickets and other written traces which he is confronted with on a daily basis. Twice a year, he chronologically assembles these papers into hard cover books. These sheets compress the time of his daily life and are an attempt to capture lost time. Every item on the List is about the gesture of listing and brings the various information about his collections back to a textual level, thus creating a narrative that allows the reader to follow the artist’s existence: his travels, activities, purchases, and interests…

16.5 × 23.4 cm, 24 pp, edition: 300, 2014

€ 10 

Kasper Andreasen
Every Item on the List – Artist’s Edition

The publications Every Item on the List comes with limited photography, numbered and signed by the artist.

16 × 23 cm, edition: 35 copies, numbered & signed

€ 50