Benjamin Appel

Benjamin Appel
Böden sind Treppen ohne Wände / Floors are stairs without walls

In this postcard book Benjamin Appel invites you on trip through landscapes, sculptures and words:
“Floors, walls, pillars, ceilings, flower vases, tables, fitted kitchens, floor plans, drawers, plants, soil, stairs, crates, plaster, windows, concrete, wood, doors, chairs, plaster in drawers, walls out of soil, tables out of concrete, panels out of wood, tables without table tops, chair fragments, chair backs, wooden doors, wardrobes, empty wardrobes, doorknobs, lamps, the view out of the window, shoes, book shelves, plaster in wardrobes, pictures, picture frames, desks, concrete slabs on desk frames, beams, table legs, wooden crates, broken kitchen, broken drawer, soil in drawer, lying walls, stairs without floors, trees, exterior walls, plaster walls, wardrobes out of wood, metal tables, cut chairs, plastered walls, tables out of soil, fitted kitchens out of wood, panels on metal tables, the view out of the wardrobe, high ceilings, walls on wardrobes, metal frames, desks without drawers …”

3 postcard books with different images out of the private family archive of Benjamin Appel, 11.6 × 17.3 cm, 48 pp, German & English, edition: 600, design by Astrid Seme Studio, 2013

€ 10