Ayami Awazuhara

Ayami Awazuhara
Ie no Tsukuri

Architecture without architects attempts to break down our narrow concepts of the art of building by introducing the unfamiliar world of non pedigreed architecture. It is so little known that we don't even have a name for it. For want of a generic label, we shall call it vernacular, anonymous, spontaneous, indigenous, rural, as the case may be.
- Bernard Rudofsky

豚 means pig. 月 is moon and 家 is house, or home.
Pig without moon under roof becomes house. Or one said, dead dog lying under roof, its the beginning of house. 木 is tree, when there are more trees, it becomes 林 and with even more trees, it becomes 森. Forest.
In Japanese, 'Ie no Tsukuri' (家の造り/家の旁) has multiple meanings. It can mean 'how a house is built' or 'how the letter "ie" ( 家 = house) is assembled with morphable radicals'; 'radicals' being the independent graphical parts of Japanese characters.

Box (33 × 24 cm) with three leporellos (29.5 × 86 cm / 29.5 × 64 cm / 29.5 × 86 cm), silkscreen on mounted Japanese paper, 2016
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