Thomas Geiger

Thomas Geiger
Bricks to Perform

“… A loose brick on the sidewalk might ‘ordinarily’ look random and displaced. However, they have within them hidden properties that can be activated: construction workers set them up as barriers, street vendors use them as weights for their products or pile them to sit on. As the day quietens down the stones are left behind; sometimes just randomly, othertimes carefully stored on a corner. What I couldn’t help but see were a never ending series of potential sculptures—performed daily as a result of practicalities that shift with each changing user. …”

10.5 × 14.5 cm, 64 pp, English, edition: 500, 2017

€ 12 

Thomas Geiger
Ich habe mir von oben auf den Kopf geschaut / I looked on my head from above

“I cleaned the street. I cleaned and disinfected a street corner. I highly polished a subway rail. I paint balustrades in public space. I weed traffic islands. I clean street signs. I refurbish zebra crossings with white paint. I cleaned a public trash can. I restore holes in house walls with Lego stones. I plant trees in front of advertising panels …”
Behind the associative sequence of short sentences written out of the First-Person-perspective a inventory is hidden with conceptual-narrativ works from several decades of art history. The collection of actions and interventions includes about 500 works by artists ranging from Abramaovitch to Zhang Huan. This is the final print of the collection that started in 2010.

21 × 29.5 cm, 4 pp, German or English, edition: 100, 2016

€ 5 

Thomas Geiger
Bilder aus der Denkmaschine / Images from the Thinking Machine

This book is a collection of Thomas Geiger’s Images from the Thinking Machine. On 160 pages texts, fotos and video stills give an overview of his daily practice:
“Thinking Machine, this is what I call my construction of three revolving discs with about 50 adjectives and nouns each. Since 2008 I have been spinning the discs regularly before leaving the house. The resulting combination of words stays with me throughout the day and thus serves as a basis for my visualization in either a photo, an action, a video or the description of a situation.”

13.5 × 19.5 cm, 160 pp, German with English transaltion, edition: 350, design by Astrid Seme Studio, 2013

€ 14 

Thomas Geiger & David Sherry
Optimism works both ways

Optimism works both ways, is a manual of performance ideas, drawings, scripts and plans, to be used for future projects. The collaboration incorporates a wide variety of different approaches, from re-enactments, static durational-sculptures, readings, actions, sound works and diary accounts. Many of the works in the book are starting points or sketches to be developed and explored as a live performance.

22 × 28 cm, 32 pp, English, edition: 500, 2013

€ 12 

Thomas Geiger
What tree is that?

This publication tells us a story about two children who were talking about trees during a train ride:
“Is there a bottle -tree? No!
But when you place a bottle on a tree, it is a bottle-tree.”

20.5 × 28.5 cm, 20 pp, English, edition: 350, 2013

€ 12 

Thomas Geiger
Insert Gas by Lawrence Weiner

In this booklet Thomas Geiger narrates of an encounter with the famous conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner:
“During my visit at Art Basel I go to the restroom.
I sart to pee.
Lawrence Weiner enters the restroom … ”

14.5 × 21 cm, 12 pp, English, edition: 100, 2011 (sold out)

Thomas Geiger
Supermarket Series

Four publications which document actions in the supermarket chains ALDI, Hofer, Lidl and Billa: ➀ Unbemerkt Produkte zwischen ALDI und LIDL austauschen L, ➁ In Österreich heißt ALDI Hofer, ➂ Dienstplanalyse, ➂ Import Export, ➂ Ein Spiel und Zeitvertreib (all sold out)

Collector Box with all publications, Edition of 10

€ 100