Daniel Göttin

Daniel Göttin

KATALOG is the first catalogue raisonné about the works by Swiss artist Daniel Göttin.
“Daniel Göttin’s work is not a consequence of reduction. This is true both materially and conceptually. Were the works to be the consequence of reduction, they would have initiallyconsisted of a more that would be worked away bit by bit —  following the rules of an as-yet-unformed sculpture, perhaps. The work would consist of the clarification of an idea that was already there at the core, but which was not yet apparent (…)” – Konrad Tobler
Daniel Goettin (*1959, Basel), lives in Basel. He has run the art space Hebel_121 together with his partner, and fellow artist Gerda Maise, for nearly 20 years. His work is highly recognized escpecially in Japan, Australia and the United States.

Softcover, 12 × 17cm, 272pp, german / english, edition: 600, design: Astrid Seme, with texts by Ines Goldbach, Patricia Hug and Konrad Tobler

€ 18