David Horvitz

David Horvitz
Wie man Bücher klaut

“Wie man Bücher klaut” by David Horvitz is a guide on how to steal books. It details 80 ways in which one can steal a book, from the very practical, to the witty, imaginative, and romantic. Maybe this publication provides some real options: Buy the book for only 9.99 and then save a lot of money on books in the future with all the skills you can learn with this guide? Steal the book because it is declaring that it’s okay to steal books (although it doesn’t)? Or use it as a device to create a conversation about the power of analogue media, and perhaps decide to support the artists, authors, designers, publishers,printers, distributors and bookshops, and just buy more books?
The book is co-published in collaboration with Edition Taube (Munich/Zurich), who have the ambitious plan to release it in as many languages as possible - every time with another co-oublisher.

10.5 × 15.5 cm, 80 pages, German, 1000 copies, in collaboration with Edition Taube, translated by Jan Steinbach, Carlo Spiller & David Horvitz, design by Edition Taube, 2019

Price: € 9.99