Matthias Huber

Matthias Huber

From the book “Stilmöbel: Stühle, Sessel, Kanapees von Ludwig XIII. bis Napoleon III.”, Madeleine Jarry, De May, Düsseldorf/Lausanne, around 1960.

20 × 27.5 cm, 28 pp, edition: 100, 2015

€ 16 

Matthias Huber
50 Places

Index cards, labeled with geographical names, are placed alphabetically. The cards were probably once used to organize post cards. Only the empty classification system of a former owner has remained and opens the potential for an unlimited amount of pictures. This rearrangement creates a sensitive look on the way we order the things.

19 × 27 cm, 16 pp, edition: 70, 2012 (sold out)