Doris Lasch

Doris Lasch

“The negatives were gone”, it says on the first page of Doris Lasch's story Hellfeld. This unheard-of occurrence is, in the spirit of Goethe, the trigger for the inner movement of the first-person narrator, a photographer who wanders through her studio and her memories with the viewfinder of language. Language thereby takes on the role of the camera, for both are united by the fact that they inevitably interpose themselves between the perceiver and the perceived. At the same time, through the gaze of language on photography, the first-person narrator achieves a distance through which she can rediscover her seemingly familiar studio and her activity. “It was an approach,” it says in another passage. One would like to add: This narrative is an approach to the medium of photography through language.

11 × 18 cm, hardcover, 104pp, German & English, edition: 400, design by Astrid Seme, 2021

€ 21 

Astrid Seme & Doris Lasch feat. Barbara Kruger
The Imaginary Museum: Astrid Seme & Doris Lasch featuring «Untitled» 1994/2017 a work by Barbara Kruger

Doris Lasch and Astrid Seme focus in their project The imaginary museum (2017) on a political text work by US-American artist Barbara Kruger originally shown at Kunsthalle Basel in 1994. It gains new topicality in today’s political environment, even as Lasch and Seme’s reprise renders its content not immediately accessible. They re-exhibit Kruger’s work in the form of offset sheets arranged for the orientation and layout of their artists’ book such that Kruger’s original work is literally deconstructed and only becomes legible again by flipping through the book. The book was published on the occasion of the exhibition Exposed Exhibitions – Fotoarchiv der Kunsthalle Basel at Kunsthalle Basel.

24 × 33.5 cm, 128pp, German & English, edition: 350, design by Astrid Seme, 2017

€ 15 

Doris Lasch
Without having to fall into linear time

“… Perhaps one thing becomes apparent here: the publication, which, being another printing, lies like a filter between things. Additional distance, a shift in space and time, is added, in that I now leaf through a book and I don’t move through an exhibition or visit the artist in her studio. It is that of a work of translation, i.e. I can open mental spaces in order to imagine that I move through an exhibition …”
The publication was published on occasion of Doris Lasch’s exhibition at Kunsthaus Baselland and is accompanied by the text The Love of images by Dominiek Hoens and an interview with Ines Goldbach.

18.5 × 28 cm, 64pp, German & English, edition: 400, edited by Ines Goldbach / Kunsthaus Baselland, design by Astrid Seme, 2017

€ 15