Max Leiß

Max Leiß

Ausgabe# has been released since June 2011 as a personal magazine by the artist Max Leiß. Each of the issues includes various graphical elements like prints, photographs, copies or text fragments, which document the artistic work process. These elements build up an increasing inventory of forms that can be used as a vocabulary for the following issues. By this Ausgabe# is a visual thinking- and experimental field, which aim is to order, connect and recombine ideas and thoughts.
Since 2013 A# has continued as a cooperative process between its initiator Max Leiß and invited guests. Each issue contains contributions by various artists, as well as portraits and interviews. Thus, A# becomes a dialogue that takes place on a visual, sensitive and textual level.
Starting with #21 which was published by I Never Read, A# changes also it’s visual appearance and experiments with new formats.

Ausgabe #13: Jessica Twitchell
Ausgabe #14: Felix Oehmann
Ausgabe #15: Béla Pablo Janssen
Ausgabe #16: Jörg Gelbke & Assen Janev
Ausgabe #17: Christian Rothmaler
Ausgabe #18: Johannes Wald & All-Over
Ausgabe #19: Jubilee Edition with Felix Oehmann, Marten Georg Schmid and Jessica Twitchell,19 copies, 80€
Ausgabe #20: Balz Isler & Sarah Schlenker
Ausgabe #21: published by I Never Read
Ausgabe #25: Carolina Perez Pallares & Thomas Geiger
Ausgabe #26: Newspaper print, german, 300 copies, 4 pp, € 4  
Ausgabe #27: Information coming soon…
Ausgabe #28: offset print, english, 550 copies (of which 400 in the catalogue Zeichensatz), 16 pp, € 5  
Ausgabe #29: Sarah Schlenker
Ausgabe #30: David Berweger und Jörg Gelbke

Various dimensions, edition: each a one-off (except #20, 21 & 26), since 2011
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