Bianca Pedrina

Bianca Pedrina
Pompei, Pompeii

For Pompei, Pompeii Swiss artist Bianca Pedrina carefully inspects the relationship between form and function in a newly implemented accessibility project in Pompeii. The project consists of iron elements embedded in the gaps of the historic Roman streets, and allow barrier-free access to the excavation site. These custom-fit grids and ramps seem to melt between lava stones underfoot. The contemporary architectural intervention into the ancient Roman city structure shows the individual city planning concepts of different eras and cultures and their handling of marginalised groups.
Pompei, Pompeii contains portrait photographs of those newly installed iron grids, and images of isolated Pompeii tourists. They both ask questions about sustainable and meaningful forms of tourism and about the use and transformation of built environments over time. The photographs are accompanied by an essay by Dutch architectural theorist and artist Michiel Huijben. He traces the history of Pompeii, its continued existence as one of the most visited archaeological excavation sites with all its inherent myths and secrets.

16.5 × 23.5 cm, 112 pp, 350 copies, text by Michiel Huijben, design by Astrid Seme Studio, English, edition: 350, 2019

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Bianca Pedrina

This artist book brings together 40 photographs showing famous architects together with their architecture models. This artist book brings together 40 photographs showing famous architects together with their architecture models. The images are arranged according to the position of the model and the height of the architect’s view: from those looking up to the model to those looking down on it from a god-like perspective … By this, these image start to speak about the model 'as a stage' on which the architect performs his role.

21 × 24.5 cm, 80pp, 250 copies, 2018, sold out

Bianca Pedrina

Bianca Pedrina’s photography collection started some time ago and shows her engagig with her built environment and urbanity in different locations. She only rarely turns her attention to prestigious buildings. And if she does, then mostly to their details. With her photographies she tells no stories, nor does she glorifies or criticise. Instead she draws our gaze to what lies at the periphery, almost hidden and yet visible to the person through the present with gaze attuned.
The publication was published on occasion of Bianca Pedrina’s exhibition at Kunsthaus Baselland and is accompanied by the texts Architecture–Gaze–Body by Salome Bessenich, Attending to Detaily by Ines Goldbach.

12 × 27 cm, 64pp, German & English, edition: 500, edited by Ines Goldbach / Kunsthaus Baselland, design by Astrid Seme, 2017, sold out