Boris Rebetez

Boris Rebetez
Photo Collages

“Some produce sketches, others collages. These are low-cost techniques and media that involve recovering, recycling and transforming what’s already there. Parts of the photos (re)appear elsewhere – a sign of the mobility of signs and images, of the possibility of revisiting them.” — Raphaël Pirenne
A comprehensive book on the Photo Collages of Boris Rebetez. Since more than 2 decades this oeuvre has accompanied the artist and serves him as a technique to explore our perception of landscape and composition. Based on found imagery from e.g. advertising and other printed media footage, Rebetez’s collages dissect with simple free-hand cuts our viewing habits. In collaboration with graphic designer Astrid Seme, a book has been created that not only reproduces Rebetez's works, but also continues the principle of collaging in the layout, creating new collages.

About the artist: Born in 1970, Boris Rebetez is a multi-faceted artist whose work spans various mediums. His eclectic oeuvre encompasses drawings, collages, photographs, sculptures, and installations and these works are united through artist’s unique conceptual approach to the phenomenon of space, physical and social environment.

Softcover, 23 × 30.5 cm, 160pp, English + French, ISBN: 978-3-903353-07-7, text by Raphaël Pirenne, design: Astrid Seme Studio

€ 32