Stefan Reiterer

Stefan Reiterer
75 Templates

“JS: And do you plan to paint these images?
SR: Yes, that’s the idea for the next series.”
JS: Are they fun to paint or quite torturous?
SR: Torturous, totally.”
This publication is an anticipating monography of Stefan Reiterer’s future paintings. By this means, it reverses the production of a catalog: Instead of documenting old works, it shows 75 templates, that the artist might paint in the future. These templates have their origin in existing paintings which were first 3D scanned and afterwards distorted and transformed digitally by the artist. This continues and extends Reiterer’s painting practice that deals with representation of space and its manipulation potential. Mostly, he uses screenshots of landscapes from Google Earth.
“Once rendered in oil, the found landscape then appears abstract with only a residue of the source image and manipulating the digital through the process of paintung, Reiterer draws analogy with the construction methods of mechanically reproduced images and their potentials to be manipulated.” – Juliane Bischoff

22.5 × 32 cm, 80 pp, 300 copies, text by Juliane Bischoff, interview by Jasper Sharp, design by Astrid Seme Studio, 2019, sold out