Stéphanie Saadé

Stéphanie Saadé

A book with hand-written marks and underlined sentences is reproduced, using the same paper and the same format as the original one. All the text is erased and only the lines and marks are kept, considering them to be a drawing that unfolds itself in the course of the pages.

laser print, 14 × 21 cm, 2013
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Stéphanie Saadé
Hesitating Music

A musical draft is followed, through the hesitations that it encounters on its way to the final melody.

A gap separates it from the final piece.

This gap is explored: the draft of the score and the score are compared.

A subtraction is made. A new score is deducted out of the two previous.

Three realities emerge: notes have disappeared, notes have moved and new notes have appeared.

While the score divides itself into three, each page multiplies itself by three.

The first contains the discarded notes, that were never supposed to be heard.

The second contains the changed notes, that make manifest the hesitations of the composer.

The last contains the added notes, that add to the initial draft the sufficient matter that gives it the

consistency of a musical piece.

When played, Hesitating Music allows the listener to listen to the process of composition.

digital print, 22 × 31cm, in collaboration with Katharina Zimmerhackl, 2014
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