David Sherry

David Sherry
David Sherry’s Golden Thread Book

David Sherry is a Glasgow based artist working with live performance, comedy and sculpture. “David Sherry may draw inspiration from stand-up comics, but he also shows the dark side of what might be called normality”, writes Susan Mansfield. This publication is a collection that invites you into Sherry's madcap world and once entered we promise you it will hit you!

14.5 × 21 cm, 36 pp, English, edition: 350, 2019

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David Sherry
Living by numbers

“Living by Numbers was published on the occasion of my exhibition at Outpost Gallery Norwich. I was working with an audio recording of a performance I made in a Glasgow pub. The recording was of a performance entitled “Recalibration Again“. I started to illustrate the audio with 30 new drawings of the performance and inserted the drawings on a video timeline making a new video work. All of these new drawings illustrating the performance “Recalibration Again“ and are in the book.”

Adopted, 15 × 21 cm, 44 pp, edition: 100, publisher: Outpost Gallery, Norwich, 2014

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David Sherry & Thomas Geiger
Optimism works both ways

Optimism works both ways, is a manual of performance ideas, drawings, scripts and plans, to be used for future projects. The collaboration incorporates a wide variety of different approaches, from re-enactments, static durational-sculptures, readings, actions, sound works and diary accounts. Many of the works in the book are starting points or sketches to be developed and explored as a live performance.

22 × 28 cm, 32 pp, English, edition: 500, 2013

€ 12 

David Sherry
Stone Book

“I started to think about my artist’s book - that doesn’t exist, what it would be and how would it look? Would it be an archival book looking back over my work, or a piece of art in itself, something new and lively? A promotional tool I could send to people or a statement of intent, a milestone. Would it have a meandering text? And when it’s done I would send it proudly to Mum and Dad. I spent some weeks looking around for the right stone. I found a piece of granite in a dry stonewall in my local park in Glasgow, I pulled it out with some excitement. I washed it, then took it to my studio and painted it white a few times. Then I was ready to begin my artist’s book. Then it cracked in transit ‘recorded delivery’ to Austria, shit! But I liked it, complementing the works inside.”

15 × 18 cm, stone, 700gr, one-off, 2013

David Sherry
Serial Psycho Interviewee

Investigative Performance Art: For the Unemployed
“Serial Psycho Interviewee lasted roughly three months. For this period I applied and pushed towards the activity of gaining job interviews. At no point did I want, or have any intention of accepting the jobs that I applied for. I phoned businesses, filled out forms and also turned up in a person. I tried to get as many interviews as possible; I got four interviews, twenty-two rejection letters and numerous phone rejections. I found it difficult to unearth one single edifying grain of moral fortitude from the interview process, masquerading as an interviewee enabled me to collect information about interviewers, offices and stuffy offices.”

Adopted, 15 × 21 cm, 44 pp, edition: 200, self-published, Glasgow, 2002

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