Mark Pezinger Books
Klara Hobza: On Slaughter
Black Forest Library No. 9 accompanies Markus, a dropout in the Swedish forests, as he slaughters a sheep: From the killing to the skinning and the usage of the intestines.

Mark Pezinger Books
Klara Hobza, On Slaughter

Klara Hobza: On Slaughter

Softcover, perfect binding, duotone, 10.5 × 14.6 cm, 128 pages
Language: English, Edition: 750 copies, design: Astrid Seme, 2024
ISBN: 978-3-903353-14-5
Writers: Till Krause


In “On Slaugther”, artist Klara Hobza uses scientific drawings to accompany Markus, a dropout in the forests of Sweden as he slaughters a sheep. The best impression of the book is undoubtedly gained by quoting the table of contents: Bench; Knives; Sharpening; Whisk; Before we start; The killing; The skinning; The organs; Usage of intestines; The Slaughter will be finished now; Glue; Meat; […]
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